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Mythical OG Kush x foodog f3The mythical Og Kush momma of this line we came across many years ago from old 2000’s kush Seed we had saved over the years. It was originally thought to come from og ghost bag Seed but i cannot verify it so we just call it OG Kush . Or mythical OG Kush . Totally strait rep of what a OG Kush plant used to be like. Stretchy , golf ball nodes all the way up the long vine stalks . Super chunky calyxed knobbed out to the max caked in small stalk almost bulbous type resin glands some og’s are famous for . Totally covering every nook and cranny .reeking like bubble mint gum , soap , kush funk , gassy funky , earthy , menthol. , no pine tree and not much lemon or fruit but did carry a slight sweetness from the other types. Hard to explain. Really unique addicting stuff . This lady crossed with the foodog f3 male brought in so much more specialness to the progeny , you end up finding some more with fruity tones now with a more sturdy structure ,still chunky fat yielding and still all the bubble mint gas earth funk chunky dank with even more resins . Totally epic stuff . Look for the bubble mint progeny. You’ll thank me later

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