Growing your cannabis, the hydroponic way is a great option if your space permits. When you grow in soil, your roots must search for the nutrients they need. In a hydroponic setup, all the nutrients are easily accessible as the roots actually sit in a tub of water and nutrients.

A bubbler bucket with an air stone adds oxygen to the mix giving the young plant everything it needs without struggle. The result is a plant that can spend its energy reserves on growing, instead of survival.

Between the air stone and the nutrient infused water, the plant roots are submerged in a highly oxygenated nutrient solution that will expedite growth. With careful monitoring of the essentials, pH, humidity, and temperature, your hydroponic setup can be a great way to cultivate maximum yields and intensity.

Sounds easy…but even hydroponics need daily attendance. The best way to correct a problem is early detection. Root rot is a common hydroponic concern and weekly flushes will help to prevent this malady. Beneficial bacteria added to the nutrient water are also effective in combating root rot.

Air temperature is very important and needs to be in the 75-85 degree range. Is OK for the temps to drop a bit when the lights go out. However, make sure whatever temperature changes you offer your plants are consistent and within the weed tolerance.

Growing cannabis can be fun and rewarding. Get yourself equipped before starting and keep learning along the journey. Taking careful notes will help you improve on your subsequent attempts.

Stay Tuned & Happy Growing!

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