Congratulations on your decision to grow marijuana plants. They are colorful and beautiful with many medicinal properties. Growing indoors does present a few hurdles, so I hope this guide will assist the first-time grower with some helpful tips and what to expect along the way.

Choosing your Grow Room

The most important first decision is the location for your grow room. A small room, basement, or even a closet can be tailored into a suitable space. Starting small is always a good idea; smaller expense until you get it dialed in.

Choose your area for

  • Convenience
  • Temperature & Humidity Control

Once you have chosen your location, you will want to have it clean, sanitized, and completely dark. You will need to be in complete control of the light/dark, so your location carefully and work on making it a dark room.

The next step is choosing your lights. There are many to choose from starting from high intensity and more costly to practical and good for a startup.

HID Grow Lights

High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights are truly the industry standard. They cost a bit more but are widely used for their combination of efficiency and value. The Metal Halide MH produce light that is bluish white and used during vegetative growth. HPS or high-pressure sodium, produces light on the red-orange spectrum good for the flowering stage. Unless you are growing in a large, well-ventilated area, these lights require air-cooled reflector hoods or exhaust fans for cooling, making the cost even more daunting for the novice.

Fluorescent Grow Lights

Fluorescent Grow Lights are quite popular with small scale hobby growers. They are cheaper, they don’t require a cooling system as they don’t generate the heat of the HID setups. However, fluorescent lights are less efficient and require more space. If your room permits, this is a reasonable starter option.

LED Grow Lights

LED technology as been adapted to the efficient light fixture for indoor growing. These grow lights last a long time, use less electricity, create much less heat, and deliver a full spectrum of light. However, many cost 10 times that of an HID setup. Cost of ownership, cost of startup.

Induction Grow Lights

These long-lasting versions of the fluorescent bulb, also known as electrodeless fluorescent lamps, have been recently updated to the needs of cannabis growers. The main drawback of these lights is availability and price.

Climate Control

First, of course, you must be in strict control of day and night. The next most important concern is humidity and temperature. Set your thermostat to 74-78 degrees, get your humidity up to the 70 percentile, and start metering your water/nutrient solution for pH, which needs to be 6-7…closer to 6.

Growing Medium

Finally, choose a good cannabis growing medium, such as Coir Block which is coconut fiber growing medium.

Now that you know the basic starting blocks, do your research and get your growing room ready.

Happy Growing!

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