Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to send my ID on my first Credit Card Purchase?

We REQUIRE a ID on all first time credit card purchases because we have had multiple customers call us pay, then call their credit card companies and claim the transaction was fraud.  Because of this OUR credit card processor recommended that on all first transactions to get a copy of the ID so that if a customer tries to defraud us we can send their ID into their bank and prove it is not fraud.  

Do we like getting your ID’s? Absolutely not.  We recognize the inherent hesitation around this policy and ensure you that your information is stored in a server that we own that is offline, meaning it can not be accessed by anyone other than the owners of Beach City Seeds.  This is also a policy that effects you on your first order only.  After that you will never be asked to send a ID again as you will be a customer in good standing with Beach City Seeds.  

If a customer is still hesitant about sending a ID we recommend getting a pre-paid credit card and using that.  You can send us a photo of the pre-paid card instead and that is fully acceptable.

What are your delivery options?

Delivery is made via USPS.  This is for the continuity of their tracking system.  Even international orders are shipped via USPS as the tracking number tends to work in most countries.  Other carries can be arranged but that WILL incur extra fees.

Is there a guaranteed shipping option?

Yes!  Not only is it guaranteed but it also ships priority!!

This option means we will replace your package if it is lost in transit and the USPS tracking reflects this.  This option does not include if you package is stolen off your porch or from your mailbox.  We offer a signature delivery options as well so please let us know and we can add that to your order.  Please note there is a $5.00 fee that the USPS charges for this.

Do you provide International delivery?

Yes!  However there are unfortunately some countries we will not ship too.  Usually its countries that the U.S.A. has embargo’s on.  

Do you guarantee International delivery?

We are currently working on a solution but unfortunately the answer is not at this time.  We will ship them out and provide tracking but that is as far as we can go at the moment.  

Can I combine multiple orders or add onto an existing order?

Yes! As long as your order has not shipped we can modify, add items, replace items or combine orders.  We will email you the changes and Carbon Copy ourselves on the email so that we have it in writing.

I live in a sketchy neighborhood and packages get stolen

If you live in a bad area where people steal packages we do offer a signature confirmation option.  There will be a surcharge that will be charged but is extremely worth it.  If your package is stolen there is no way for us to verify it since we can only go off of a USPS tracking number so we can not replace it.

How soon after my order is paid for is it shipped?

Generally within 24-48 hours.  If there is a pre-sale then obviously it will take longer but a proper time frame will be expressed to you.

How do I track my order?

You will be emailed a tracking number.  The email will be titled “NSB is sending you a package”  Please search your email for any email for that phrase and it will show up.  If not please feel free to email us and we will find it for you.

Will you sell me less seeds than listed on the package?

Absolutely not.  We will not open a pack of seeds to sell a small quantity out of them.  Please do not ask.  We are well aware that some seeds banks will. We are not one of them, and frankly any bank that would is not trustworthy.

I am missing an item!

Oh no! That’s not good!  Luckily we take a photo of each and every order.  The very last step prior to packaging the seeds is a photo.  We lay all the items out around the shipping address and order number so that it can be clearly seen in a photo and snap a picture.  If your missing an item please call or email us, reference your order number and we will go back and look at the photos.  If your item is in fact missing we will shoot it out to you right away.  If it isn’t we will email you the photo and suggest that you look again in your package.  We will not replace any items or “take your word for it” if the missing item is in the photo, please don’t ask.

What is your returns policy?

Refunds can be made up to the point where they are shipped.  Once they are shipped no refunds or exchanges will be accepted.

How do seeds come?

Seeds come sealed in original breeder packaging.

Do you offer grow advice?

No.  Seeds are SOLD AS NOVELTY ITEMS ONLY we do not offer any grow advice EVER!  There are many different forums and YouTube channels that are specifically designated to answers any question you may have.

I have a problem with my seeds! HELP!

Our job is to facilitate the transaction between the breeder and customer.  They come in original tamper proof packaging that has not been opened or disturbed.  Because of this Beach City Seeds as a company doesn’t replace seeds.  Any issues regarding your seeds at all must be handled directly with the breeder.  We can help facilitate a conversations to clear up issues, up to and including replacing seeds directly from the breeder however it is at the discretion of the breeder not Beach City Seeds seed bank.  Some breeders will replace seeds some won’t. 

  Please ask at the time of purchase for more information regarding any breeders policy so that we can direct you in a better manner.  Once again Beach City Seeds seed bank will not replace seeds as our job is to get them to you, nothing more.

My Seeds Didn’t Germinate?


How many seeds per pack?

Unless otherwise noted they are 10 seeds per pack.  If the seeds are (F) they will be listed as (F).  If they are not listed as (F) then they are regular.

I got my seeds now I’m going to call fraud to my Credit card company and get my money back!

Don’t try this.  Seriously you won’t like the outcome…. IF your considering this then the following will happen:

  1. Our credit card processor will provide your credit card company with your IP address when the order was processed along with all correspondence for the order.  Proving that you did in fact order from us.
  2. Your credit card company will then refund US the payment and levy a fine against you, generally close your account and put you on the Master Card black list, which is a savage list full of people who try to run credit card scams, generally making it extremely hard to get another credit card again.
  3. We will share your name with all of the other seed banks as a thief.  All seed banks do keep a burn list of customers who steal and when one of us gets ripped off ALL of us add your name to the list.  So although you think you can run a scam on us you will not only not get away with it but you’ll be subsequently banned from the majority of other seed banks as well.