There  are 3 main choices of medium that can be used for indoor cannabis growing.

  • Soil
  • Soilless
  • Hydroponics


Soil or compost is a popular medium for growing cannabis. It is great for starters because it provides some essential nutrients from the start needed to nurture your young sprouts. Soil is often mixed with perlite as it provides drainage and allows for higher amounts of air/oxygen in the soil. Another common mixer is worm castings, again for the aeration and soil loosening qualities.


The next step up in medium is the soilless option. Coco Coir is the popular base and is often mixed with perlite, peat moss, rockwool and vermiculite. These can be a great choice for growing marijuana, but the grower needs to be prepared to supply nutrients to the little sprouts. While these mediums offer an amazing anchor for these little roots and sprout to take hold, these growing options do not offer nutrients for your plants.


This option is more for the serious cannabis grower. It involves dedicated equipment to circulate or bubble the water as well as the system to hold the plant in place, just at the right level of the water surface. This Deep Water Culture can grow some seriously large plants! I recommend you learn and grow with the simpler mediums first.

Your young cannabis sprouts will need nutrients, oxygen, stable temperature and humidity, and the proper levels of growing medium moisture. We will continue to explore these important aspects of marijuana growing tips.

Stay Tuned & Happy Growing!

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