Hi all…It’s Day 2 and I am already excited.

My seeds have been soaking for 24 hours and, maybe I am crazy, but I swear they have swelled a little. They have been removed from their soak, rinsed, and are now sandwiched between layers of paper towels.

Ok…maybe I am crazy. I am already talking to my seeds and they aren’t even plants yet !!!

I feel like an expectant mother and I am taking care of these little babies with tender loving care.

I have purchased a grow light and I am working on the installation so that I am ready when these little guys sprout.

I can hardly contain my excitement. I am hoping for a baby on Thanksgiving Day. As all my family and friends are giving thanks, my silent thanks are for Beach City Seeds and Mosca Seeds for making all this possible.

Stay tuned…more to come,