It’s Day 10 and every seed is now planted. 15 seeds…3 genetic varietals from Mosca Seeds (thank you)!!!

Chloe Day 10 - Cannabis Growing War 2

Raspberry Boogie

Today was beyond amazing. What I saw, what I photographed, made this whole project so exciting and intriguing!!!

I visited my 15 babies around 7pm. They all seemed happy and I was interested in measuring the tallest cannabis sprout. At a glance, the Raspberry Boogie in this image was clearly the dominant plant at just about 1.5 inches.

Chloe Day 10 - Cannabis Growing War

Cinderella 99 BX

3 hours later, I visited again. I installed a timer for the grow light, misted and talked to all my cannabis kids. In overseeing the flock, one sheep stood out from the rest – tall, amazingly tall, and vibrant. A Cinderella 99 BX just bolted…so amazing.

From less than 1.5 inches just 3 hours ago to over 1.75 inches. This guy stood up and was noticed.


Amazing seed

Amazing germination success

Positively mind-blowing growth rates



My Little Marijuana Plants – you will soon exceed my simply measuring techniques…I love it  🙂