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Growing Cannabis Hydroponically

Growing marijuana hydroponically

Growing your cannabis, the hydroponic way is a great option if your space permits. When you grow in soil, your roots must search for the nutrients they need. In a hydroponic setup, all the nutrients are easily accessible as the roots actually sit in a tub of water and nutrients. A bubbler bucket with an […]

Feeding Your Cannabis Plants

Growing Medium for your Cannabis Seedlings

Liquid feeding is a common way to provide your cannabis plants with the nutrients they need to grow and thrive. For soilless growing mediums especially, the need for nutrients is critical as the medium provides no nutrition. Begin your feeding solution with water that has as much of the chlorine removed as possible. While there […]

Choosing the Right Growing Medium for your Cannabis Plants

Organic Coconut Fiber Growing Medium

There  are 3 main choices of medium that can be used for indoor cannabis growing. Soil Soilless Hydroponics Soil Soil or compost is a popular medium for growing cannabis. It is great for starters because it provides some essential nutrients from the start needed to nurture your young sprouts. Soil is often mixed with perlite […]

Getting Started Growing Marijuana Indoors

Growing marijuana

Congratulations on your decision to grow marijuana plants. They are colorful and beautiful with many medicinal properties. Growing indoors does present a few hurdles, so I hope this guide will assist the first-time grower with some helpful tips and what to expect along the way. Choosing your Grow Room The most important first decision is […]

Chloe’s Cannabis Chronicle – Day 14

Chloe Day 14 - cannabis temp & humidity

I have not watered my cannabis plants. Installed a temperature and humidity gauge, as well as added a second grow light. I am struggling to get my humidity high enough; tough indoors with the heat on. I am at 43% with bowls of water in the grow room. I am misting my plants only. Temp […]

Chloe’s Cannabis Chronicle – Day 13

Chloe Day 13 - some happy some sad 2

In my loving moments, I may have drowned some of my plants. Potentially over watered them… Cannabis plants actually use their root systems to breath air, in addition to uptaking water, and if their roots are constantly swamped in water, they will begin to drown.   One primary symptom of overwatering is drooping leaves. Guilty…I […]

Chloe’s Cannabis Chronicle – Day 12

Chloe Day 12 - We are looking good

Hi fellow cannabis enthusiasts. First, a quick report on my poor “gooseneck” plant. While he hasn’t miraculously stood up straight, the curve in his stem are not quite as extreme as yesterday AND his leaves are pretty perky and fresh looking. I am not overly hopeful, but I have not given up despite the fact […]

Chloe’s Cannabis Chronicle – Day 11

Chloe Day 11 - Oh no

Oh no! Not sure what has happened with this poor guy. He was the tall dude in yesterday’s photo. Today his is doubled over. My gut was to give him a splint, but standing him upright might bust his stem. So, I am photographing him, talking to him (talking to your plants is good), and […]

Chloe’s Cannabis Chronicle – Day 10

Chloe Day 10 - Cannabis Growing War

It’s Day 10 and every seed is now planted. 15 seeds…3 genetic varietals from Mosca Seeds (thank you)!!! 5 Old Time Indiana Bubblegum 5 Raspberry Boogie 5 Cinderella 99 BX Today was beyond amazing. What I saw, what I photographed, made this whole project so exciting and intriguing!!! I visited my 15 babies around 7pm. […]

Chloe’s Cannabis Chronicle – Day 9

Chloe Day 9 - We are Growing

These little guy are really amazing!!! I planted the sprouts so that the tap root was completely buried and just the seed head was at surface level. This morning I woke up to find the a full quarter inch above the soil…overnight. Less than 12 hours. I guess they are happy. I sprinkled them lightly […]