While cannabis is still illegal at a federal level, states are warming up to the industry. Medical marijuana programs are available in most states and recreational marijuana is following right behind. Cannabis may be the next big legal substance…the growth is exciting.

Canada has finally legalized marijuana and sales more than doubled in 2018 over medical marijuana sales in 2017. Canadians spent more than $1 billion on legal weed in 2018!!!

In Southern California, the cannabis industry is booming. It’s northern capital, Sacramento, is considering removing or raising the cap on the number of dispensaries licensed to operate in the city.

Explosive Growth

These are but a few examples of cannabis initiatives which will encourage major industry growth over the next couple years. As state legalize or increases dispensary licenses, the demand for product will increase. As the demand for cannabis increase, so too will the cultivation and specialization of the breeders.

I look forward to a more open marijuana attitude, especially if it encourages more writing and video sharing among enthusiasts. Let the creativity and communication flow!

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